Will my DUI case go to trial?

    It is not a crime to have a couple of drinks with your friends. However, it turns into a crime when you decide to get behind the wheel while you are intoxicated. When charged with a crime, such as driving while under the influence (DUI) you may feel overwhelmed by…Read More

    What is a plea bargain?

    When facing a criminal trial, the state may have overwhelming evidence against you which may make you feel hopeless as you will likely be subjected to harsh penalties. However, depending on the crime committed, the prosecution may offer you a plea deal. Essentially, a plea bargain is an agreement between…Read More

    What is a motion to suppress evidence?

    Depending on the criminal offense you are charged with, you will be subjected to numerous penalties that can negatively affect your life. However, before facing the harsh consequences and repercussions of your crime, you will stand before a judge who will determine an appropriate punishment based on the evidence presented…Read More

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