Karl “Chip” Seman is an outstanding defense attorney who will knowledgeably and zealously defend your rights as a defendent. Is he the cheapest option available? No, but if you’re perusing reviews for a defense attorney, then you’re probably taking an involuntary tour of the “sausage factory” that is our criminal justice system at times, and this is no time to pinch pennies. In my case, I don’t doubt that I could have engaged the services of a less costly attorney who would have taken my money and accepted the first offer presented by the DA. Instead, Karl, drawing on his deep knowledge of the law, his extensive experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and his familiarity with the personalities involved, tirelessly advocated for me, and was ultimately able to negotiate a much more favorable outcome.

    Karl Seman is the best attorney

    There are few situations in life where the phrase “You get what you pay for” is any more true, or vitally important. I entrust Karl with all of my legal affairs, and I would unreservedly recommend him to friends and loved ones.

    Chip has handled many transactions for me personally and my multiple companies. His straightforward approach is much appreciated in an environment in which you always have to wonder if someone is just out for your money. I can say with experience that his main priority is the client and his fair rates are not commensurate with the high level of attention and insight that he provides.

    Top notch, knows all the ins and outs, experienced, kind and fair fees.

    True to his word he was available 24/7; no b.s straight up and honest review of best options, well prepared, and fights for us like a bull dog, got a great result.

    I hired this attorney for criminal DWI defense for a family member. As promised he was available 24/7, informative, sensitive to my concerns, honest and really knew his stuff.

    Free Consultation - 24/7 Service

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