What Are Effective Defense Tactics in New York Homicide Cases?



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    If you’ve been charged with any homicide offense, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Criminal charges involving the loss of another life are among the most serious charges one can face in New York. Charges like murder and manslaughter impose some of the harshest penalties in the criminal justice system, including life without the possibility of parole. As such, you must work with an experienced Garden City, NY, Violent Crime Lawyer who can help you craft defense strategies tailored to your case’s unique facts and circumstances. Please continue reading to learn the most common defense tactics used in New York homicide cases.

    What Types of Defense Strategies are Used in New York Homicide Cases?

    As mentioned above, homicide charges can upend your life as you know it. To avoid the long-lasting ramifications of this crime, it’s in your best interest to retain the legal services of a qualified attorney who can help you explore available defense strategies.

    One of the most common legal justifications for taking another person’s life is self-defense or the defense of others. While these justifications can be challenging to prove, if you can show that reasonable force was used in response to a reasonable fear of death or bodily harm or a reasonable fear of death or bodily harm to another, you may be able to argue self-defense.

    Another common defense strategy that is implemented in homicide cases is reduced culpability. Essentially, homicide charges are structured in a way where different charges impose different levels of culpability. This means that the level of criminal liability will vary. For instance, first-degree murder is considered the most severe criminal charge as it involves the willful and premeditated killing of another person. Second-degree murder, on the other hand, is an intentional murder that is not premeditated. Therefore, you may be able to raise a lack of intent defense. The prosecution must show that you had a clear motive and desire to take the life of the victim. If this cannot be established, you may be able to have the charges reduced or dropped.

    Furthermore, statistics show that mistaken identification is the leading cause of wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system. Witness testimony is not always reliable. As such, your attorney can help you assert a strong alibi for your whereabouts at the time of the homicide to show that you were incapable of committing the crime.

    Given the high stakes, please don’t hesitate to contact a determined lawyer from the legal team at Grunwald & Seman, P.C., who will take the time to build a strong case that focuses on all available defenses to protect your freedom.

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