What should I do if I’m wrongly accused of sexual assault in New York?




    False accusations of sexual assault can ruin a person’s life. Although false reporting of sex crimes is statistically low, it can be a shocking and frightening experience. While it may be tempting to ignore it and hope it goes away on its own, taking the necessary steps to protect yourself is imperative. If you’ve been wrongly accused of sexual assault, it is in your best interest to retain the legal services of our experienced Nassau County Criminal Defense Attorneys, who can help you clear your name. Please continue reading to learn how to respond to false sexual assault allegations. 

    Why would someone falsely accuse you of a sex crime in New York?

    Unfortunately, there are various reasons why someone might falsely accuse you of a sex crime, including seeking revenge and gaining an unfair advantage when undergoing a divorce or child custody battle. Regardless of the reasoning, it is vital to understand how to respond to false allegations to protect your rights. Understandably, you may want to speak to your accuser or even the police to explain your version of the events that could have led up to the accusation. However, everything you say can and will be used against you, including discussions with friends and posts on social media. As tempting as it may be, you should not try to defend yourself.

    How should I respond to false sexual assault allegations?

    Moreover, it may seem like ignoring the charges will make them disappear because you know you are innocent. However, that is not the case. Sex-related crimes have significant and lifelong consequences. It is critical to take immediate action to maximize your chances of proving your innocence. This includes hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who will help you understand the process in the future and vigorously defend you against the charges.

    After you have retained quality legal representation, it is crucial to collect as much evidence as possible. You should write down your recollection of the events, including your clothing, whether you were drinking or drugs involved, and any other relevant factors. It is also beneficial to write a list of witnesses who were with you at the time of the alleged crime that can corroborate your version of the events.

    Fortunately, today, security surveillance cameras are located everywhere. This means that your attorney may be able to help you find video footage in the area where the alleged assault happened. This can help verify your version of the events. Ultimately, gathering supporting evidence will help you prove your innocence.

    If you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault, contact a talented Nassau County criminal defense attorney from Grunwald & Seman, P.C., who can help you effectively fight these charges.


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