How do I Obtain a Gun in New York?

Gun laws can often be confusing, as they differ from state to state and can have certain requirements to legally obtain one. It is important that the laws are followed to ensure individuals are not charged with gun-related offenses. The following are New York State’s laws regarding the legal purchase…Read More

What are New York’s Marijuana Laws?

While many states have legalized the recreational use of marijauana, the drug is still illegal in that state of New York. While the state moved to decriminalize low-level possession of the drug, individuals who face marijuana-related charges can still face serious consequences as a result. Continue reading to learn more…Read More

What Rights do I Have as a Protester?

Many people throughout history have used protesting to stand up for what they believe in. In doing so, it is important to understand the rights you have as a protester. Continue reading below to learn more.  Can my Free Speech be Restricted? The First Amendment of the United States Constitution…Read More

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