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Why Is There A Delay Before A Breathalyzer Test Is Given?
What Is The Walk And Turn Field Sobriety Test?
What Is The Process For Civil Forfeiture of Vehicles On A DWI Arrest?
What Is The One Leg Stand Field Sobriety Test?
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What Happens If I Refuse To Take A Breathalyzer Test In New York State?
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What Are Field Sobriety Tests?
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Domestic Violence

What Are The Different Orders Of Protection?

Drug Offense

What Is Drug Diversion Court?
What Are The Pentalties For Presciption Drugs?
What Are The Penalties For A Marijuana Conviction?
What Are The Penalties For A Heroin Conviction?
What Are The New York State Drug Laws?
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What Is The Arrest Process?
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How Does Bail Work?
Grunwald and Seman Firm Overview


What Is The Process Of Obtaining A Pistol License In New York?
What Is An Article 78 Proceeding in New York State?
How Does An Article 78 Proceeding Help Me Keep My Pistol License?


Can You Be Convicted Of Petty Larceny If You Dont Leave The Store?
What Is The Difference Between Robbery And Shoplifting?

Sex Crimes

What Is The Sexual Offender Registration Act?
How Do You Defend An Individual in a SORA Proceeding?


What Does The DMV Do To Persistant Violators?
What Defenses Can You Raise On A Refusal Hearing For a DWI?
How Does a License Get Suspended and How Do You Defend It?
How Do You Defend Traffic Cases?