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    There are many vehicles on the streets of New York, causing roads to become very busy. This is why it is very crucial for drivers to be careful on the road and follow the rules of the road. The state of New York takes traffic violations very seriously and is strict in enforcing them. The penalties of a traffic violation may vary depending on the type of violation you are given. They can range from fines to points on your license, license suspensions, and possibly even jail time.

    Types of Violations

    There are many traffic laws that a driver must follow when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Similarly, there are many ways drivers may violate these rules. This may include, but is not limited to:

    • Speeding
    • Cell phone violations
    • Reckless driving
    • Failure to yield
    • Driving without a license
    • Ignoring traffic signs/signals
    • Causing an accident that results in injury

    Speeding Tickets

    The state of New York is strict about enforcing the speed limit. Depending on the speeding ticket, consequences may seriously impact a driver’s record. This may result in “points” on your license. These points will go on your license for 18 months unless you are issued another speeding ticket before then. The penalties of speeding may vary depending on how fast the driver was found driving over the speed limit.  The speeding point system is in New York is:

    • 3 points for driving 1-10 miles over the speed limit
    • 4 points for driving 11-20 miles over the speed limit
    • 6 points for driving 21-30 miles over the speed limit
    • 8 points for driving 31-40 miles over the speed limit
    • 11 points for driving 41 miles or more over the speed limit

    Drivers who receive 11 points on their license with the 18-month period may have their license suspended.

    Reckless Driving

    Irresponsible driving does not only put a driver in danger but also endangers other drivers on the road. Reckless driving is considered to be a misdemeanor, which is a crime that comes with serious consequences. A conviction for reckless driving puts 5 points on a driving record in addition to fines. A reckless driver may also face the possibility of jail time. Penalties for reckless driving may increase greatly if a driver is charged with more than one offense.

    Cell Phone Violations

    In New York, a driver may be issued 5 points on their license if they are found driving with a cell phone or other electronic device in their hand. The driver may be subject to other fines as well. A cell phone violation may include the following fines:

    • $50-200 for a first offense
    • $50-$250 for a second offense within 18 months
    • $50-$450 for a third (or more) offense within 18 months

    Driving with a Suspended License

    When a license is revoked, an individual may not continue to drive. If an individual is found on the road without a license, they may face fines ranging from $75 to $300. They may also face jail time up to 15 days.

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