Drug Offenses in New York



    The state of New York is working tirelessly to combat drug abuse in all its cities and towns. Law enforcement and courts are aggressive in penalizing those that are found in possession of illegal drugs. When an individual is found with drugs, they may face life-changing consequences. Drug charges have severe penalties that can negatively impact many lives.

    Marijuana Possession

    Penalties for individuals in possession of marijuana vary depending on the amount they are found with. Regardless of the amount, they may be subject to harsh fines and possibly jail time. Fines may range from days to years for a first-time offender. These penalties may also change depending on if an individual sold or had the intention of selling marijuana. The fines and jail time can increase, still depending on the amount they are found with.

    Heroin Possession

    Charges for possession of heroin can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. This depends on the amount of drugs the individual was found in possession of. A conviction for small amounts of heroin may result in fines and possible jail time. For larger amounts, an individual may face a felony charge with much larger fines and longer jail time. The consequences also increase if the individual had an intent to sell the heroin.

    Cocaine Possession

    Like many other drugs, the consequences of cocaine possession vary depending on the amount in your possession at the time of the arrest. For smaller amounts of cocaine, individuals may face a misdemeanor. In cases with larger amounts of cocaine with the possibility of intent to sell, penalties will increase greatly. In such an instance, one may be charged with a felony and face overwhelming fines as well as possible jail time.

    Methamphetamine Possession

    The penalties for those who possess methamphetamines also vary depending on the amount in possession. It is important to know that an individual may also be arrested if they are in possession of the components to make meth. Felony charges may be possible if it is believed that there was an intent to distribute the drug. This may result in severe fines and years of time in jail.

    Illegal Prescription Drugs

    In the state of New York, a person who is caught with illegal prescription drugs is legally referred to as “Criminal Diversion of Prescription Medication and Prescriptions.” This states that the individual is facing charges ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony. Depending on the degree of the crime, the individual may face heavy fines worth thousands of dollars and jail time from months to years. The degrees of criminal activity are determined by the amount of drugs a person may have and the monetary value of that amount.

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