What is a compounded crime?



    When a person is charged with a crime in New York State, there is a decent chance that they will face multiple charges. These are known as compounded crimes and they will require strong legal representation from an experienced attorney who can assist you in trying to lessen or dismiss some of the charges depending on your situation.

    Some of the most severe compounded crimes happen to people who are driving. For example, if a person is driving drunk and the police obtain a warrant to search the vehicle, it could lead to many more charges. First, the driver will be charged with driving while intoxicated. But, for the sake of this example, perhaps the police obtained a search warrant and found that the driver also had a gun without a permit, and both a child and drugs with them in the car. That person would be charged with driving while intoxicated, endangering the welfare of a child, illegal gun possession, and the possession of illegal drugs. This person is likely felony charges and facing years behind bars. In addition, they may also lose any rights they may have to see their child because of how severe the situation was. Of course, this is quite a dramatic fictional example, but it does happen. It is important to know the effect that having a gun on your person has on any charge. If you are committing a crime such as larceny but you have a gun in your possession, you will instead be charged with robbery, which is a more serious offense with more severe consequences.

    If you were charged with more than one criminal offense, you will require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can fight to lessen your charges.

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