What guns can I own in NY state?



    Citizens of the United States have the right to own guns. Although we have this right, there are limitations to it. First, there are limitations on the kinds of gun that can be owned. Handguns are allowed to be owned in the state of New York. Gun owners must carry a permit though. There are a few different kinds of permits based on the reason for owning a gun. A premises permit allows a gun owner to have their gun housed in their place of residence. They should take the proper precautions to keep this gun secure and hidden, especially if children are in the home. A sportsman permit allows the owner to bring a gun to a shooting range or sporting activity where it is involved. A business pistol permit allows the individual to carry the gun while they are doing their business activities.

    A permit is an important thing to have. Without a permit, a person can be charged with a gun violation. This can lead to harsh penalties. This may cause them to face possible jail time. Gun crimes are taken seriously. Permits are needed to monitor who owns a gun and for what purpose. By failing to acquire a permit, you are breaking the law. You may also be putting the lives of others in danger. When you receive a permit and your gun is registered, it can help track that gun if it is ever used in a crime. If that gun is not registered and it somehow is lost from your possession, someone may acquire it and use it for wrongdoing. This may make it harder to track who has committed a crime.

    What is the NY SAFE ACT?

    The NY SAFE Act expanded upon the punishments involved in gun crimes. Under New York state law, a permit is required to purchase and carry a handgun. Along with this, individuals must register their handgun with a governing body and have a license to own it. When it comes to a long gun, such as a rifle or shotgun, individuals do not need to have a permit to purchase or carry. However, this only applies to those who own a long gun outside of New York City. Within the city, these laws are different.

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