How can repeated phone use while driving affect me?



    When operating a motor vehicle, drivers should keep their eyes on the road to avoid any accidents. By taking your eyes off the road even for a few seconds, you could be putting your life in danger, along with the rest of those on the road. There are many distractions that a driver can come across. One of the worst distractions is using a cell phone while driving. By using your cell phone while driving, it is causing you to look at the screen rather than your surroundings. Even a quick look at your phone can cause you to miss a car stopping short in front of you or a change in the traffic light. It is important to practice safe driving habits so that you do not cause harm to anyone else on the road, including yourself and your passengers. Cell phone violations are traffic violations that can have increased penalties if you are charged multiple times with this offense.

    In New York, individuals can face various fines when they are charged with a traffic violation of using their cell phone while driving. If drivers have been charged with this previously, it can have even harsher effects. The fines may increase in value. For a first offense, drivers may face a fine between $50 to $200. For a second offense within 18 months, there may be a fine from $50 to $250. A third or subsequent offense within 18 months may cause a fine between $50 to $450. With a violation of cell phone use while driving, you may face a five-point penalty on your driving record. If you accumulate 11 points on your record, you may have your license suspended.

    What are other traffic violations?

    Traffic violations consist of many offenses that can be seen as dangerous while driving. This can include driving with a suspended license, speeding, reckless driving, careless driving and more. With these charges, you can face various fines. These charges should not be taken lightly. If they pile up, they can cause even harsher consequences. Police officers are required to monitor the road to ensure everyone’s safety. By receiving a traffic violation, you are being warned to practice safer driving habits.

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