Larceny Penalties on Long Island



    Throughout New York State, larceny is taken very seriously. Larceny and shoplifting go hand in hand, as larceny is just the technical term for the action of shoplifting. While larceny can be generally defined as the theft of another person’s property, it is divided into two categories depending on the value of the property that was stolen. Regardless of which type of larceny is committed, a convicted individual will face serious penalties under New York law.

    Petit larceny is the less serious offense of the two options. This charge is granted when an individual steals another person’s property that is valued at $1,000 or less. If convicted of this crime, the individual will be facing a Class A misdemeanor. The court can only impose fines that do not exceed $1,000. In some cases, the individual may face up to 1 year of imprisonment.

    The more serious larceny crime is known as grand larceny. The breakdown of this crime and its penalties are as follows:

    • Grand larceny in the fourth degree: property that is valued between $1000 and $3000
      •  Class E felony
      • Maximum fines of $5000
      • Up to 4 years of imprisonment
    • Grand larceny in the third degree: property valued between $3000 and $50,000
      • Class D felony
      • Up to 7 years of imprisonment
    • Grand larceny in the second degree: property valued between $50,000 and $1 million
      • Class C felony
      • Up to 15 years of imprisonment
    • Grand larceny in the first degree: property valued at $1 million or more
      • Class B felony
      • Up to 25 years of imprisonment

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