Gang Unit to Combat MS-13 in Suffolk County



    Over the last two years, there have been twenty-five victims of MS-13 on Long Island, the gang that has been terrorizing the streets of Suffolk County. Now, law enforcement from Suffolk County along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations is taking a stand against the gang by organizing a Gang Unit. The Gang Unit will be a part of the Enhanced Prosecution Bureau and will be comprised of 14 members.

    The Gang Unit plans to take a stronger position on gang members who commit crimes even if the crime is unrelated to the gang. In addition, law enforcement will be awarding anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of gang members throughout Long Island with up to $5,000. The goal is to allow local law enforcement to team up with federal agencies in an effort to stop the threat that gangs such as MS-13 are bringing to the local communities. The reason for this collaboration is because some of these cases begin in New York State but are eventually handed over to federal court. In addition, this Gang Unit wants to get back on track after corruption was found with the former District Attorney in Suffolk County. Of course, only time will tell what the results of the newly created Gang Unit will be.

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