Criminal Law Statutes of Limitations



    When you have been the victim of a crime in New York State and wish to bring legal action against the offender, you should be aware that there is a time limit on how long you have to bring such action. The statutes of limitations in New York for criminal law vary depending on the type of crime that was committed. If you fail to comply with the statutes of limitations, you may not be able to bring legal action and find justice for the crimes that were committed against you.

    Some crimes don’t have a statute of limitations associated with them and someone can pursue the case whenever they feel ready to do so. This is the case in situations of first degree murder, some instances of kidnapping, some instances of arson, and Class A felonies. Other felonies in less severe classes have a 5 year limitation. Other crimes with 5 year limits include first and second degree manslaughter, robbery, some cases of larceny, some cases of burglary, and some cases of kidnapping and arson that don’t fall under the previously mentioned “no time limit.” Many times, these limitations depend on the fact surrounding the case, as can been seen in the crimes listed “some cases of…”.

    If you have questions about the legal ramifications of being charged with a crime, whether you were the person committing the crime or you were a victim of a crime, you should speak with an experienced criminal law attorney. The attorneys at Grunwald and Seman, P.C. are well versed in the legalities surrounding crimes throughout the state of New York and would be happy to assist you in these matters.

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