What punishments are there for those charged with a sex crime?



    The state of New York has strict consequences for those charged with sex crimes. Being accused of a sex crime can greatly impact a person’s life. Not only may they face jail time, the social stigma is not as forgiving as it is for other crimes. People want to protect their families and friends as best as they can. With the Sex Offender Registration Act, these people can gain knowledge of sex offenders, which can lead to disruptions in the lives of those who have been charged with the crime.

    Sex crimes are defined as an act of sexual nature that lacks the consent of the other party. However, some individuals are not able to give consent to begin with. Those under the age of 17 and those with certain degrees of mental handicap cannot legally give consent to another human being. Felony charges include rape, sexual abuse in the first degree, aggravated sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and predatory sexual assault. Misdemeanors include sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sexual abuse in the second degree and sexual abuse in the third degree. Judicial consequences are decided on a case by case basis. Individuals may face jail time if they are found guilty of this crime.

    Sex Offender Registration Act

    When offenders are found guilty of committing an act involving a sex crime, they are required to comply with conditions outlined in the Sex Offender Registration Act. According to this act, sex offenders must register with a state registry to protect the community by providing information to the public about sex offenders living in that area. These offenders are organized into three categories based upon the level of their crime and the risk that they will repeat their offense. Level one is made up of low-risk offenders. Level two is comprised of moderate-risk offenders and level three has the most serious offenders. Only level two and level three offenders are held on the public registry. They will be on this for life and anyone can have access to it. Those who are described as a level one offender will be on a private registry for 20 years. The only people who have access to this category are law enforcement and other judicial bodies.

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