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If you are charged with a sex crime, you are facing a serious situation. The mere accusation of a sex crime can devastate your future. The social stigma of an unfounded accusation can ruin the social and professional life of a person. Sex crimes are much different than many other crimes. When you commit a crime, you pay your debt to society and are allowed to carry on and live your life. Though you have to overcome the issues of having a permanent record, you may live freely and join society again. A sex crime conviction can follow a person for years through their place on the New York State Sex Offender Register or the limitation on where they can live or work. A sex offender often lives a transient existence, moving from community to community to avoid public persecution. The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act is one of the most comprehensive legislations known in the United States to combat the effects of sexual crimes. If you are accused of a sex crime, you need an attorney to fight against the charges in order to keep you from the registry. If you need a determined and effective legal defense firm, contact Grunwald & Seman, P.C.

Defining a sex crime

A sex crime is any sexual act that lacks the consent of the other party. According to New York, a sex crime can include, but is not limited to:

  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Forcible touching

Consent is a complicated matter. It does not always mean explicit permission. Anyone under the age of 17 cannot legally give consent to a sexual act. Furthermore, some degrees of mental handicaps lack the capacity to give consent.


Most sex crimes are misdemeanors or felonies. Some felony sex crimes include:

  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse in the first degree
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Predatory sexual assault

Some misdemeanor sex crimes include:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Forcible touching
  • Sexual abuse in the second degree
  • Sexual abuse in the third degree

A sex crime conviction can devastate your future with potential incarceration, fines, and court costs. A criminal conviction will give you a permanent record that can impact your employment. In addition to everything you face, you will most likely have to register as a sex offender with the state. Depending on your crime, you could be registered on the public registry for life, allowing for others to know your crime and where you live and work. That alone has devastating effects on one’s life.

The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act

Taking effect on January 21, 1996, The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act, known as SORA, established the Sex Offender Registry within the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. SORA assists local law enforcement agencies and protects communities by:

  • Requiring sex offenders to register with the state
  • Providing information to the public about certain sex offenders within their community

According to SORA, sex offenders are categorized by their threat to society. This depends on their crime. Sex offenders are broken up into 3 categories.

  • Level 1- low-risk offenders
  • Level 2- moderate-risk offenders
  • Level 3 High-risk offenders

The public registry will include level 2 and 3 sex offenders for the remainder of their lives. Level 1 sex offenders are kept on a private registry only accessible to law enforcement agencies for 20 years.

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A sex crime conviction has a devastating impact on one’s life. An unfounded accusation can ruin a person’s relationships and employment. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need an attorney to fight your case and work tirelessly to conclude your matter in the best possible way. If you need quality legal services, contact Grunwald & Seman, P.C. for a consultation.