What do I Need to Know About Coronavirus Scams?



    The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can leave maany people susceptible to different scams that are associated with the virus. It is important to know what these are so that you can protect yourself . Continue reading to learn about common COVID-19 scams.

    Charity Scams

    Phone calls and emails are going around regarding how people can help stop the spread of the virus with monetary donations for testing kits, vaccines, research methods, etc. It is important to know that many of these are fraudulent. Be sure to do research on the company asking for a donation.

    False Medical Bills

    There are also phone calls from individuals who say that they are doctors or health insurers asking for payment regarding bills or testing. Do not give anyone money without confirming that they are calling from a reputable source first.

    Fake Medical Products/Equipment

    There are many cases where scammers are selling fake medical supplies online, even through reputable sources, such as Amazon. It is important to understand that Coronavirus testing kits cannot be bought online anywhere. In addition to this, there are claims of cures being available to people. However, there is currently no medicine or vaccine created that can cure the virus.

    Price Gouging

    With certain products are becoming high in demand, such as face masks, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and more, many people are raising the price of these products to make money. However, this is illegal.

    Fraudulent Medical Information

    Many people are receiving emails from others claiming to be the Center of Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) with links to about regarding the disease. However, clicking these links can let scammers gain access to their personal information.

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