What are examples of child endangerment?



    Children need to be cared for on a daily basis. They need their parents or any legal guardian to help feed them, clothe them and keep them safe. When the needs of children are overlooked, it could put them in danger. Parenting differs depending on each family and their upbringing. People often have different opinions on parenting techniques and they may not approve of one another’s ways. However, this does not mean a child is any less loved. Some parents may be targeted as bad parents or even endangering their child if someone does not agree with their style of parenting. If you have been blamed for endangering the welfare of a child, you may face serious consequences. An accusation alone can cause great effects due to the involvement of Child Protective Services. Guardians should seek legal counsel in order to get the help that they need. We understand that you have the best interest of your child in mind and we want to help prove that.

    Signs of child endangerment are often spotted by mandated reporters. Mandated reporters are required by law to report any findings they come across or they may face potential liability due to their lack of action. These reporters include school officials, medical professionals and other authority figures who are educated on signs to look for.

    What charges can I face?

    When you are charged with endangering the welfare of a child, there are a variety of consequences that you may face. The consequences often depend on the level or severity of danger the child has been exposed to. People may face a felony or misdemeanor charge depending on the level.

    Class A misdemeanors include endangering the welfare of a child, non-support of a child in the second degree, unlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree and misrepresentation by a child day care provider. A Class B misdemeanor is described as unlawfully dealing with a child in the second degree. Class E felonies include abandonment of a child and non-support of a child in the first degree.

    If your charges of child endangerment were due to the outcome of another illegal act, you may face compounded sentencing. This may cause you to be charged with two criminal charges, one consisting of a child endangerment charge. Due to the variety of charges stemming from child endangerment, it is important to acquire help from a legal team. We want to ensure that your relationship with your child is not jeopardized.  

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