Will I be placed on the registry for a sex crime?



    Sex crimes are serious offenses that can affect all aspects of your life. When these crimes are committed, the offender can face problems with their job search and their private life. Just an accusation of a sex crime can change the climate of your life. In recent years, these crimes have been largely present in the media. With the overwhelming attention on sex crimes, the social stigma can lead you to a difficult life ahead. In order to best defend yourself, contact our firm for a consultation.

    When a sex crime is committed, offenders face a series of consequences. They can be registered on the New York State Sex Offender Register, which can have a huge impact on their lives. The public’s perspective on offenders is one of the harshest consequences associated with the crime.

    What qualifies as a sex crime?

    A sex crime is defined as any sexual act that lacks the consent of the other party. These crimes can include rape, sexual abuse, aggravated sexual assault and forcible touching. In some cases, consent does not give permission. Those who are under the age of 17 cannot give consent to a sexual act. Also, individuals who are handicapped by mental disabilities may lack the capacity to give consent as well. Due to these circumstances, cases that involve these two exceptions may result in greater consequences.

    There are misdemeanor and felony charges for different types of sex crimes. Felony sex crime charges include rape, sexual abuse in the first degree, aggravated sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and predatory sexual assault. Misdemeanor sex crimes include sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sexual abuse in the second degree and sexual abuse in the third degree.

    What consequences do offenders face?

    Being charged with a sex crime can greatly alter your life. It may lead to incarceration, fines and court costs. However, the consequences may get even worse. If you are charged with a criminal conviction, you can have a permanent record that can impact your employment and other aspects of your life.

    The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act established the Sex Offender Registry. This act requires sex offenders to register with the state. With this act in place, it provides information to the public about certain sex offenders within their community. When sex offenders move to different areas, the people within that area can become aware of their presence and the status that comes with them being in the neighborhood. This can cause a great deal of social turmoil for any offender.

    The act also categorizes sex offenders by their threat to society and the severity of their sex crime. Level 1 sex offenders are low-risk offenders. These offenders are kept on a private registry that is only seen by law enforcement agencies for 20 years. As their category increases, the consequences increase as well. Level 2 sex offenders are moderate-risk offenders while Level 3 sex offenders are high-risk. With these two categories, sex offenders remain on the public registry for the rest of their lives. This allows the public to know their status as an offender.

    If you have been accused of a sex crime, it is important to seek legal counsel right away. You will need to have the best defense to protect your future. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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