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    Different crimes carry different punishments. As a result, there are different types of courts to handle crimes. For example, New York allows defenders to participate in drug court for drug-related crimes. Read on for more information regarding drug courts in New York and how it can benefit you.

    What is Drug Treatment Court?

    In the state of New York, defendants facing felony or misdemeanor charges where drug addiction is a component of their offense may be eligible for drug treatment court. This allows defendants to participate in a program to help them overcome addiction and reduce their changes.

    Who is Eligible for Drug Court?

    Low-level offenders who struggle with substance abuse may be eligible to participate in drug court.

    Types of Drug Treatment Courts

    Every person faces different circumstances, so there are different types of drug courts for different situations. In New York, you may participate in the following drug treatment courts:

    Criminal Drug Treatment Courts

    Defendants who successfully complete the drug treatment court program may have their charges dismissed or reduced or may receive a reduction in their sentence.
    Young Adult Drug Treatment Courts target defendants in the 16- to 21-year-old population.

    Family Drug Treatment Courts

    Family drug treatment courts are available for some respondents in neglect petitions where substance abuse is a component of the allegations. In the majority of cases, respondents who successfully complete the program are reunited with their children. Additionally, successful participants in the program often receive more contact with their children prior to completing the program.

    Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts

    Participants in the juvenile drug treatment courts are facing Juvenile Delinquency or Person In Need of Supervision petitions in the Family Court where substance abuse impacts some component of the pending petition. Successful participation in the juvenile drug treatment court program generally results in the dismissal of the pending petition.

    If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug-related crime, contact a skilled criminal defense attorney for more information. We are here to advocate for you and walk you through any criminal law matters you are facing.

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