What to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in New York



    domestic violence charges

    New York takes domestic violence charges very seriously. As a result, it is important to know what happens if you are facing domestic violence charges. Read on to learn more.

    What is Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is often portrayed a certain way in the media. But, in reality, domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, etc. It can be hard to spot, so it is important to know what constitutes domestic violence. Some examples include:

    • Controlling behavior
    • Terroristic threats
    • Harassment
    • Physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse
    • Stalking
    • Homicide

    Additionally, domestic violence can occur within a number of different types of relationships. For example:

    • Someone you are legally married to or someone you were once married to
    • Someone you have a child with
    • Someone you are related to by blood or marriage 
    • Someone you are in a romantic relationship with

    What Happens if I am Accused of Domestic Violence?

    When law enforcement is called on an alleged act of domestic violence, you can be arrested and possibly have a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) placed against you. This will require you to attend a hearing where the court will work to determine whether or not the TRO should be made permanent. In the event that this happens, it can drastically affect your life in a number of ways. This may include if you have a child custody agreement with the person who is accusing you of this act. In New York, the law also permits victims of abuse to hold their alleged abuser criminally and civilly liable. This can result in several years of jail time if convicted. It is because of this that it is crucial to retain the services of an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will work to uncover a variety of defenses to protect your future.

    If you have been charged with domestic violence in New York, make sure you reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Our firm is here to advocate for you and walk you through your criminal law matters each step of the way.

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