What Are the Consequences of a Criminal Record?



    A criminal record can cause many consequences that may include long-term effects on your livelihood and future. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced New York criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your future.

    What are the long-term consequences of a criminal record?

    A criminal record can impact many aspects of an individual’s life including the following:

    • The capability of getting and keeping a job. A criminal record limits the types of jobs a person can have.
      • If a job application asks if they have been convicted of a crime, they are required to check “yes”.  Employers will also typically conduct background checks. If an individual was to check “no” regarding their conviction of a crime on the application, they can be disqualified from the job for lying.
      • Individuals convicted of a crime can be fired from their current job.
    • Criminal records can have a negative impact on child custody arrangements.
      • The former spouse may use a criminal record to prove they are an unfit parent or a danger to their child.
    • Immigration status can be impacted. Individuals with a criminal record can be deported or prevented from becoming a citizen in the future.

    Can I seal my criminal record?

    In order to seal your record, you will first hire an attorney who can file a motion with the court. With the assistance of your attorney, you will then complete the form that petitions the seal of your record. If the petition is approved, the county clerk where you were charged will give notice that the record was sealed. However, it is important to be prepared for the chance that the court may challenge these petitions. In this case, you and your attorney must present evidence to the court to prove your case. Reach out to our experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance.

    What crimes can be sealed in New York?

    There following crimes can be sealed in New York:

    • Non-criminal violations
    • Certain juvenile crimes
    • Any charge where there was no conviction
    • Certain misdemeanors or felonies under the following criteria:
      • The offender either entered court-mandated alcohol or drug treatment program
      • Have no additional pending charges
      • And have satisfied any sentence or request mandated after they completed treatment

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