What are drug crimes in New York?



    In New York state, there are strict laws against individuals who are charged with possession of drugs. These laws include even stricter ones for those who are found guilty of selling drugs. With drug crimes, individuals may face imprisonment. It is important to seek out the best representation to protect your future from such circumstances. You may be facing possible felony charges.

    In the state and across the country, different drugs have a different level of consequences. Although marijuana is legal in some states for recreational use and legal in other states for medical use, it is not legal in New York for either medicinal or recreational purposes. The state still charges people for possession of marijuana. Marijuana is still considered to be a Schedule I drug, along with heroin, ecstasy, LSD, peyote and Quaaludes. If enough of the drug is found in your possession, you may even be charged with intent to sell. This may lead to worse consequences.

    Cocaine and Heroin are more highly addictive drugs that may lead to a felony charge. Depending on how much of each drug is found decides if you will get a misdemeanor or felony charge. If enough of these drugs are found, a case can be built that your intent was to distribute and sell these drugs. This may lead to even more consequences that may be life-changing.

    Can I be charged for possession of prescription drugs?

    Although prescription drugs are legal, they can become a problem if you do not have a prescription for that particular drug. If you are found in possession without a prescription, you may be facing criminal charges. Even though prescription drugs are legal, they are still abused by individuals. This abuse happens when someone acquires them without the proper documentation. Other individuals may try to sell these drugs illegally.

    Drugs such as Oxycodone and Percocet can be highly addictive. People may become hooked on these prescription medications. The Controlled Substances Act classifies these drugs based on their medical use, their rate of abuse and the addictiveness of them. They are arranged from Schedule II to Schedule IV based off of these aspects.

    What if I’m charged with distribution of drugs?

    When individuals are charged with selling or distributing drugs, they may face even more penalties. If you are charged with drug trafficking, the consequences may be life-altering. Drug trafficking is the sale, distribution, transportation and production of a large amount of drugs. It can include drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana and more.

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