Over 24,000 Individuals on Parole Impacted by Restored Voting Rights



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    Earlier this year, New York State announced that individuals who are on parole will have their voting rights restored. On May 22, 2018, the first group of individuals was named to receive conditional pardons that will have their right to vote restored. The first group of individuals consists of 24,086 people that are under community supervision.

    In order to determine which individuals will be pardoned and have their right to vote restored, the state will conduct a pardon review process. During the review, several factors will be assessed, such as whether the individual is successfully living in the community and is continuously maintaining contact with their parole officer as they have been ordered to do so. Each month, a new group of parolees will be reviewed and it will be determined whether their voting rights should be restored.

    It is also important to be aware that the only impact that these pardons have is the restoration of voting rights. The individual will still have the conviction on their permanent record. If an individual is chosen to be pardoned, they will receive a voter registration form that should be filled out as soon as possible. In addition, the individual’s parole officer will be notified of the voting rights restoration. This is one of many steps in New York State’s efforts to reform the criminal justice system.

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