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    Handgun permit applications have been on the rise across the country. Long Island has seen an especially large spike. According to Newsday, applications are up 80% in Nassau County, compared with all of 2019, and they have increased by 143% in Suffolk’s five largest western towns. You, like many other Long Island residents, may find yourself interested in obtaining a gun permit. But why are applications on the rise? And what does the application process entail? Read this blog for more information regarding Long Island’s surge in gun permit applications.

    Why Are Gun Permit Applications Rising?

    Many believe that gun permit applications are rising due to the unrest the United States is currently experiencing. Applications began to surge in March when Coronavirus hit. They went up again after the police killing of George Floyd led to protests and demonstrations. People feel a need to protect their homes and their families. Additionally, because so many people are applying for permits and purchasing guns, guns and ammunition are in limited supply, causing people to rush to get guns. Opinions differ on whether it is necessary to obtain a gun at this time. For example, many have argued that the rioting that has occurred in Long Island has not affected residents in their homes.

    How do I Obtain a Gun Permit?

    You yourself may be one of these people attempting to purchase a gun. There is an application process you must complete before you can obtain a permit. Some of the application requirements are as follows:

      • The applicant must decide what type of license she/he desires
      • Character references are required
      • Applicant’s photograph and fingerprints must be taken
      • The applicant must provide proof of residence
      • The applicant must provide proof of employer
      • The applicant must provide proof of identity

    Additionally, there are fees associated with obtaining a gun permit, but these fees differ by county. In New York, you can expect it to take a minimum of four months from the time of application until a license is either granted or denied.

    If you are interested in obtaining a handgun permit, you should speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can walk you through the process. Contact our firm today so that we can help you with your gun permit application as soon as possible.

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