What Defenses Can Be Used For Petty Larceny In New York State?




    KleptomaniaThe crime of petty larceny is a misdemeanor in New York State. It is commonly known as shoplifting an item that is worth less than $1,000. What it is is the taking of property without the permission of the owner. When we get a case and a client comes in on a charge of petty larceny we sit down with them, and we investigate the facts of the case, and make any determinations in terms of any defenses that we have.

    Another question that a lot of people ask is if they can be convicted of petty larceny if they don’t actually leave the store with the item that they have stolen. The answer to that is yes, you can in fact be convicted of petty larceny even if you don’t leave the store simply because you had the intent to steal an object and leave the store with it.

     For many first offenders, there are various avenues in which to resolve the case without going into trial. There is something called an Adjournment of Contemplation of Dismissal, which means, if you stay out of trouble for the next six months the matter will be dismissed as if it never happened. We have the ability to present the case to the judge, and to the prosecutor to get you that adjournment and contemplation.

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