How Does SORA Work In New York State?



    shutterstock_1459750-300x200The Sex Offender Registration Act is a law that was passed in New York State that deals with individuals that have been convicted of a sexual related type of crime such as rape, assault and sodomy. These are acts which the government has deemed to be concerned about the individual’s ability to commit the crime in the future.

    The Sex Offender Registration Act is known as SORA. It is a classification system that ranks the individual in terms of whether they are a high risk, which would be a level 3 to a moderate risk which is a level 2 to a low risk which is a level 1.

    Those who are convicted under SORA and are classified under Level 1 are only on the sex offender registry for 20 years. In addition, they aren’t on the registry that is available for the public to see. The registry that Level 1 offenders are on are only available for the viewing of law enforcement, so the general public is unaware of where they are located. However, Level 2 and Level 3 offenders are on the registration list of sex offenders are both listed in the public directory and are on the list for the rest of their lives.

    The classification is critically important to the defendant because it impacts their ability to live the way they once did. It impacts where they can live, what kind of jobs they can have, where they can associate. All of these different things are critical to the defense of an individual to attempt to get him or her the lowest classification possible.

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