Will I Lose My Driver’s License if I Get a DUI in New York State?



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    Yes, you may lose your license if you receive a DUI in New York. It is important to know the consequences of DUI charges in New York and what to do if you lose your driver’s license. To understand all the conditions of being charged with driving under the influence contact our experienced Garden City, NY DWI/DUI attorney. A conditional license could be a potential option for you to continue driving after being charged with a DUI.

    Why Would I Lose My Driver’s License after getting a DUI?

    Some offenses and repeat offenses can result in the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license. If you are charged with a DUI, you will lose your license for a period of time. This consequence is implemented to reduce the risk of you driving under the influence again.

    How Long Will I Lose My License for?

    The amount of time your license will be suspended depends on three factors:

    • Your age
    • BAC or blood alcohol content
    • If you have any prior offenses

    If you are caught driving while under the influence of alcohol before the legal age of 21, you have violated New York’s Zero Tolerance Law, which will entail additional penalties.

    The first offense is generally not as severe compared to if you have prior offenses. The more offenses you have the longer your license will be suspended or revoked.

    What is a Conditional License and How Do I Get One?

    A conditional license is for individuals who have driving privileges suspended but are allowed to drive under certain circumstances, such as going to work. You can obtain this license if you can prove that the loss of your license would cause you significant hardship. This is not a substitute for a permanent license and has very strict rules.

    The State of New York offers conditional licenses. In order to obtain the license, the driver must first attend an Impaired Driver Program (IDP) approved by the DMV.

    If you are facing a DUI charge in New York, you will need to retain the services of our experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorneys. Our firm will explore all possible avenues of defense.

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