What should I not do if I am pulled over by law enforcement?



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    Motorists may be pulled over by law enforcement officers for several reasons. Motorists may believe they did nothing that violated the rules of the road, however, they should refrain from arguing with officers. Traffic violations can have significant consequences depending on the severity of the offense. Traffic violations can negatively impact a motorist’s driving record and future. If you have been pulled over for a traffic violation, contact one of our skilled and determined Garden City, NY Traffic Violation Attorneys who can help defend your rights.

    What should I refrain from doing if I am pulled over by a law enforcement officer?


    First and foremost, individuals who are pulled over by law enforcement officers should remain calm. There is no need to panic. It is completely normal to feel anxious as it can be an overwhelming experience as individuals fear they will face serious consequences.

    Seat belt

    Individuals should refrain from unbuckling their seat belt. If a motorist unbuckles their seat belt before the officer approaches the vehicle, they could believe the motorist was not following seat belt laws which could result in a ticket. Individuals should keep their seat belt on unless told otherwise by a police officer.

    Listen to the officer

    Individuals may jump the gun and begin conversing before the officer has even revealed why they pulled them over. Motorists should not speak before the police officer has a chance to reveal the circumstances of why they pulled the motorist over. Motorists may appear suspicious if they are trying to speak over the officer.


    Motorists should never argue with an officer. Individuals may believe they did not violate the rules of the road, but they should refrain from arguing the facts of the incident because they may admit guilt by accident or escalate the situation if they do so. It is never smart to argue with a police officer.


    Motorists must keep their hands where officers can clearly see them. If an officer suspects criminal activity, they may believe a motorist is reaching for a weapon if they cannot see their hand placement.


    The driver must refrain from admitting guilt in any way. Typically, officers will ask the motorist a series of questions to make them confess they committed a traffic violation. For instance, an officer may ask the motorist if they know why they have been pulled over. Motorists should avoid admitting guilt by answering that they do not know why they were pulled over by the officer.

    Do not exit the motor vehicle

    Motorists who have been pulled over should stay in their motor vehicle. If an individual tries to exit the vehicle a police officer may view this action as a threat or that they are trying to escape the situation. Sometimes cops can take a while to run licenses and registrations through the system, however, regardless of how long it takes, individuals should stay in their vehicle. Motorists do not want their actions to be misconstrued.

    In the unfortunate event that you have been pulled over by a law enforcement officer due to a traffic violation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our determined team members. Our firm is committed to defending the interests of our clients.

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