What is a white-collar crime?



    White-collar crimes typically involve some sort of theft. This theft is often committed between two people who know each other. White-collar crimes do not involve violence. However, these crimes do have serious consequences for committing them. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, it is time to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help walk you through this process and fight your charges. It is possible to face jail times, large fines, home detention, and more consequences after committing a white-collar crime.

    What are white-collar crimes?

    White-collar crimes typically involve some sort of theft. The following are crimes that are considered white-collar:

    • Embezzlement: A company’s trusted individual underhandedly manages the funds or trusts for their own financial gain
    • Extortion: Blackmailing or threatening an individual with threats of public embarrassment or shaming if they do not hand over money
    • Ponzi scheme: Promising investors a “too good to be true” end result that ultimately ends in stealing investor’s money
    • Bankruptcy fraud: Lying to the bankruptcy court by withholding or hiding information when filing for bankruptcy
    • Corporate fraud: Companies falsifying information to save or make money

    How is a white-collar crime punished?

    White-collar crimes are often brought up as federal charges because they involve government agencies such as the FBA or the IRS. You may face the following consequences if you are facing a white-collar crime charge:

    • Heavy fines
    • Imprisonment
    • Home detention
    • Supervised release
    • Community confinement
    • Restitution

    The process of deciding which punishments a white-collar crime will receive includes federal guidelines put into place for the varying degrees of these crimes. Some of the federal guidelines include six criminal history categories, four sentencing zones, and 43 offense levels.

    Defending Against a White-Collar Crime

    The first step in defending yourself against a white-collar crime is to gain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will base their defense on if your crime showed illicit gains or criminal intent. An attorney can also negotiate restitution or probation instead of jail or prison sentences.

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