What are the Consequences of Drug Crimes in New York?



    Drugs seem to be infiltrating our entire country, and almost everybody lives in a community that has been impacted by drugs to a certain degree. New York State takes drug crimes very seriously, so if you are someone who is being charged with a drug crime, it is very important that you know what you are up against. Additionally, if you are facing any of these charges, it is equally important that you hire an attorney who will fight for your rights in court. 

    What are the penalties of being caught with marijuana in New York State?

    Fortunately, marijuana was recently largely decriminalized in New York State. If you are someone who was caught with under one ounce, the penalty was reduced to a $50 fine, regardless of criminal history for possession. If you are caught with anywhere between one and two ounces, you are subject to a $200 fine, regardless of criminal history for possession.

    What is a Schedule I drug?

    Schedule I drugs are considered to be the most dangerous drugs, and if you are caught in possession of one or more Schedule I drugs, you may be facing serious consequences. For example, heroin is considered a Schedule I drug, and is considered a controlled substance. As a Schedule I drug, New York considers it to have a high potential for abuse, is highly addictive, and has no medical use. Courts are especially aggressive in prosecuting these cases, as the opioid crisis is in full throttle throughout this country.  

    What are some examples of Schedule II drugs?

    Both cocaine and methamphetamine are Schedule II drugs. Depending on how much of the substance you are caught with, you may be facing felony charges and jail time, which may have a significant impact on your record and your life. 

    What happens if I am caught with prescription drugs?

    Depending on the rate of abuse, prescription drugs range anywhere from Schedule II to Schedule IV. However, New York State is cracking down on such sales, as they are causing great damage to our communities. Just because a prescription drug is technically a legal substance does not mean it is safe for you to use, and it certainly does not mean that you won’t get in trouble for selling them. If you are caught selling or are caught in possession of prescription drugs or any of the other scheduled drugs mentioned above, you must contact an attorney immediately. If you are being wrongly convicted, you deserve a fighting chance in court to restore your record and your good name.

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