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Can I Obtain a Conditional License in New York After a DUI?

If you receive a DUI in New York, you can face serious consequences. One of these consequences may include the loss of your license. This can impact a person in several important ways. It is important to know the consequences of DUI charges in New York and what to do…Read More

What to Know About Speeding Tickets in New York

Speeding is incredibly dangerous and is the cause behind a lot of car accidents in New York. As a result, it is taken very seriously. If you are issued a speeding ticket, you may face serious consequences. As a result, it is important to know what to do in the…Read More

What are the Penalties for Driving Without a License?

In New York, it is illegal to drive without a license, but the circumstances differ vastly. For example, did you simply forget your license at home? Or are you driving with a suspended license? Depending on the situation, the penalties will differ greatly. Read on for more information regarding driving…Read More

How Can my Driving Record be Impacted by Speeding in New York?

People who obtain a driver’s license are required by law to follow the rules of the road. While there are a variety of different rules, an important one that is commonly disregarded is the speed limit. When people drive over the speed limit, they are endangering themselves and others who…Read More

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