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What are the Penalties for Cybercrime in New York?

If you are facing cybercrime charges, it is important to understand the penalties that come with each cybercrime in New York. To learn more about the cybercrime definitions and charges, continue reading and reach out to our experienced criminal defense attorney. What are the types of cybercrimes? The following types…Read More

How to Obtain a Gun Permit in New York

In order to purchase and own a gun, New York requires individuals to have the right permit. Continue reading and contact our experienced criminal attorney to learn more about gun permits in New York and how to legally obtain a gun. What is the purpose of permits? Acquiring a permit…Read More

What is the Difference between Robbery and Burglary in New York?

Robbery and burglary are terms that can be easily confused and used interchangeably in conversation without understanding the definition of each. However, in the eyes of the law, these two terms have very different meanings, and as a result, different charges and penalties. Continue reading to discover the definitions and…Read More

What to Know About Fireworks Regulations in New York this Fourth of July

A Fourth of July celebration isn't complete without a sparkler or two. With the holiday fastly approaching, it is important to go over the regulations for fireworks in New York. For the most part, fireworks are still illegal in the state of New York with the exception of some sparkling…Read More

Civil Asset Forfeiture Claims in New York

If you have had property taken away without being charged with a crime or even being involved in criminal activity, it may prove to be very difficult to regain your property without the assistance of an experienced New York criminal attorney. Reach out to our firm today to discuss your…Read More

Memorial Day Weekend DWIs in New York | What do I Need to Know?

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to get together with your loved ones, throw some hot dogs on the grill, and commemorate those who have paid the ultimate price for our country. Like most holidays, it also is an excuse to enjoy a drink or two. However, Memorial Day also…Read More

What You Should Know about Sobriety Checkpoints in NY this Memorial Day

With the weather warming up and a long weekend ahead full of festivities, New York State law enforcement will increase the number of sobriety checkpoints in an attempt to keep drunk drivers off the road. It is likely that with Memorial Day around the corner, law enforcement will enlist the…Read More

President Biden’s Executive Action to Combat Gun Violence

President Joe Biden announced a half-dozen executive actions to combat gun violence in America. explained that “Biden’s new steps include a move to crack down on ‘ghost guns,’ homemade firearms that lack serial numbers used to trace them and are often purchased without a background check," among other things.…Read More

What to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in New York

New York takes domestic violence charges very seriously. As a result, it is important to know what happens if you are facing domestic violence charges. Read on to learn more. What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is often portrayed a certain way in the media. But, in reality, domestic violence…Read More

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