Accel Admin   June 7, 2016   Comments Off on What Is STEP, TASC, VIP, DPP, IDP, IID?

  • When faced with a DWI charges, there are many different programs that you may come across during the process.
  • STEP is a program where they will give you a referral, a screening, and an evaluation.
  • TASC, which stands for Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime, works with the court to evaluate and screen you. They will also set up a treatment program and report back to the court.
  • VIP, Victim Impact Program, is performed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The court will require and mandate you to attend a session of VIP where you must listen to other horror stories of drunk driving.
  • IDP is the new Department of Motor Vehicle Impaired Driving Program. If you are going to be issued a conditional license, you are required to attend seven classroom meetings and a referral to a social worker.
  • Finally, we have IID, Ignition Interlock Device. If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated in New York State, the court will and must make you put a device in your car that will not allow you to operate the vehicle if you are under the influence.