Reform Efforts Announced for Improved Re-Entry



    As part of New York State’s efforts to reform the criminal justice system, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the steps that will be taken to help incarcerated individuals have more successful returns into the community. There are several different reforms taking place that range from expanding merit release programs to creating geriatric parole. The complete list of how the criminal justice system in New York State will be reformed over the course of the fiscal year 2019 includes the following changes:

    1. The proposal aims to remove laws that ban individuals with criminal convictions from obtaining occupational licensing in professional fields other than law enforcement
    2. Individuals who can prove rehabilitation by graduating from programs and classes in prison to obtain skills that can benefit the community upon release may have a greater  opportunity to be released on merit
    3. Due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to provide healthcare for the elderly prison population in a cost-effective way, there may be a greater opportunity for individuals over the age of 55 who serve at least half of their sentences and have significant health issues to receive parole
    4. The elimination of parole supervision fees may allow individuals re-entering the community to feel less of a financial burden after being released from prison

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