NYS announces DWI checkpoints for holiday season



    Last week, Governor Cuomo announced that once again, local law enforcement will team up with New York State Police to take part in the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. This campaign will run between Friday, December 15 and Monday, January 1, 2018. The goal of this initiative is to take a stand against those who drive under the influence of alcohol, putting the lives of themselves and others at stake. The program will be initiated in the form of sobriety checkpoints and an increased presence of law enforcement on roadways.

    Not only will law enforcement be cracking down on driving while intoxicated, they will also be looking to enforce drivers that violate other laws. Some of the additional violations that law enforcement will be addressing include the Move Over Law (requiring drivers to move over when passing emergency vehicles that are stopped on the side of the road), distracted driving, and more.

    New York State police conducted the same crackdown last year, which resulted in 33,153 tickets issued. The breakdown for the violations of those tickets are as follows:

    • 571 people were arrested for driving while intoxicated
    • 11,319 people were issued speeding tickets
    • 1,107 people were issued tickets for distracted driving
    • 421 people were issued tickets for violating the Move Over Law
    • In addition, there were 15 people killed in motor vehicle accidents during that time

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