NY Operation Prevent Targets Underage Drinking



    Last week, Governor Cuomo announced that the Department of Motor Vehicles has partnered with local law enforcement, State Park police, and the State Liquor Authority to crack down on underage drinking and the use of fake identifications to purchase alcohol. The crackdown has supposedly been in place since May and is referred to as Operation Prevent. The amount of underage drinking and the use of fake ID’s increases tremendously around summer concert season at the various venues that concerts are held throughout the state of New York. As much fun as outdoor concerts in the summer are, it is important to abide by the laws.

    Since Operation Prevent began on May 25, there were already 78 arrests for underage drinking and the utilization of fake identifications. The breakdown of the arrests thus far are as follows:

    • 15 people were arrested on May 25 in Rochester, New York for the use of fake identification cards in an effort to enter a bar
    • On May 26, there were 18 arrests and 24 fake ID confiscations throughout Ocean Beach in Long Island
    • On May 26, there was a concert in Darien Lake that resulted in 24 arrests and fake ID seizures
    • On June 3, there were 19 additional arrests and ID seizures at the Darien Lake performance center
    • On June 5, there were 2 arrests during the Dave Matthews Band concert in Central New York

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