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    shutterstock_110782727-300x200We have the ability to defend traffic cases for you. We are former prosecutors that have handled literally hundreds and hundreds of these cases over our 30 years of practice. When an individual comes in having received a traffic ticket such as a speed or a failure to obey a traffic control device, what we do is we find out exactly the facts of how the ticket was issued, what the motorist was doing at that particular time, and then we determine whether or not there was compliance with the police office in the issuance of the ticket. When we get the ticket, we obviously plead not guilty to it, demand a supporting deposition, and then when we appear in court, we negotiate with the prosecutor and the judge for the best disposition there is.

     A person who gets an accumulation of points can actually lose their license. It can be suspended and in some instances, revoked. As an example, if you get 11 points on moving violations within an 18-month period based on the date of incident, you can lose your license, so our strategy is that we try to reduce the number of points that you get on a particular case. As an aside, if you get three speeds in an 18-month period, that can also lead to the revocation or suspension of your license, and our strategy in all these cases is to move for less points, and in a speeding case, to move for a conviction to a non-speeding offense. As a result, you have less points, and in the speeding instance, without three speeds, you can continue to drive. Also, when you have a license that has been suspended for a traffic case, you’re also eligible under some circumstances for a restricted license, and we guide you through that process.

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