What should I know about a reckless driving charge?



    Anytime a driver gets behind the wheel, we hope for the sake of themselves, their passengers, and the others on the road, they are driving safely. However, this is not always the case. When a person is driving erratically and is completely disregarding the safety of themselves and others, they may be charged with reckless driving.

    Reckless driving is a serious charge and should not be taken lightly. Anyone who is convicted will be facing serious consequences. If convicted of reckless driving, you may receive 5 points on your driver’s license which will likely result in increased insurance premiums. In New York State, you will face a driver’s license suspension if you receive 11 points on your license within 18 months. Not only will you receive points on your license for reckless driving, you may also be subject to a misdemeanor and a period of imprisonment.

    You may also be required to pay a fine of $100 each year for three years for the Driver Responsibility Assessment. If alcohol was involved in your reckless driving incident, you will also be subject to a charge of driving under the influence. If you had a child in the car at the time of the reckless driving incident, you may be subject to a child endangerment charge.

    When it comes time to go to court over the matter, the court must be able to prove that you endangered other people who were on the road and that you were not properly using the public highway according to state laws.

    If you have been charged with reckless driving in New York State, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can represent you today.

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