High BAC charges in NY



    Any time an individual is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, they may be subject to very serious consequences. When the individual’s blood alcohol content is 0.18 percent or higher, it is considered a high BAC offense. This is a significantly more serious offense and often results in an Aggravated DWI charge. The penalties for an AGG DWI are as follows.

    First offense AGG DWI:

    • Fines between $1000 and $2500
    • Potential for up to 1 year in jail
    • License revocation for at least 1 year
    • Surcharges and other costs through the state

    Second offense AGG DWI:

    • Fines that may range from $1000 to $5000
    • Potential for up to four years in jail
    • License revocation for at least 18 months
    • Surcharges and other fees to New York State
    • Class E felony

    Third or subsequent offense AGG DWI:

    • Class E felony
    • Fines between $2000 and $10000
    • Jail time for up to 7 years
    • License revocation for at least 18 months
    • Surcharges and other fees through New York State

    There may also be situations in which the court requires an individual to complete the Drinking Driver Program. Individuals who are required to complete this are subject to all fees associated with the program. If they fail to complete the program, they may face additional consequences.

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