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    If you are considering obtaining a handgun or pistol in New York State, you should be aware of all of the requirements to do so legally. If you fail to go through this process in a legal manner that has been determined by the state of New York, you may face serious repercussions, even if you did not mean any harm.

    There are three types of gun permits that New Yorkers can apply for. The first of which is known as a premises permit. This allows a person to keep a gun in your home or business. Sportsman permits allow a person to use a handgun for a sporting activity, such as hunting. The third variety is a business pistol permit, which allows you to carry your handgun with you during work hours. The state doesn’t make it easy to obtain or even keep a pistol permit once you have one.

    In order to be eligible to apply for a pistol permit, you must have a proper reason to apply, you are in the United States as a lawful resident, you were not dishonorably discharged from the military, you must not have any serious offenses or felony convictions, you have been truthful about any mental illnesses, and you have never had a gun license revoked. The state won’t just grant a gun permit to anyone. If your license was revoked for any reason, it is incredibly difficult to get back.

    If you have lost your gun permit for any reason and are attempting to restore it, you will need strong legal representation that can make a good case to the state on your behalf.

    If you are in need of legal counsel in New York State, please feel free to contact Grunwald & Seman, P.C. and we would be happy to assist you. 

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