Drunk Driving in New York



    When an individual in New York State is pulled over for suspected drunk driving, there are a few things that they should be made aware of in regards to the DWI traffic stop. Driving while intoxicated is taken very seriously in New York and those who are convicted will face significant penalties. From the minute the individual is stopped by the law enforcement officer, they will be under observation for clues that indicate intoxication. In addition to observing the behaviors of the individual, the law enforcement officer will also have to conduct a few sobriety tests to assess whether the individual is intoxicated.

    Some of the behaviors that the law enforcement officer may look for as clues for intoxication include slow responses, difficulty presenting driver’s license, swaying, balance problems, an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and more. These are all clues that indicate intoxication.

    The law enforcement officer will administer a chemical breath test as well as a field sobriety test. If the suspect refuses to take part in either test, their driver’s license will be revoked immediately, regardless of whether they were guilty or not of driving while intoxicated. They may also be subject to a $500 civil penalty.

    Some of the penalties that an individual will face if convicted of a first offense DWI include:

    • A revoked license for at least 6 months
    • Possible fines ranging from $500-$1000
    • Possible jail time up to 1 year
    • Potential enrollment in the New York Drinking Driver Program (DDP) and applicable costs

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