Consequences of a Cell Phone Violation in New York State



    It has been illegal to use a cell phone without hands-free technology in the state of New York since 2001. While it started out as a simple infraction with a small fine, if you are caught using a cell phone while driving today, the penalties may be much harsher. If you are charged with a cell phone violation, you should contact an experienced attorney today. 

    What are the penalties for a cell phone violation?

    If you are charged with a cell phone violation, you may receive a 5-point ticket. Not only will this ticket have a significant impact on your insurance premiums, but it may also subject you to additional fines as well. You should also know that if you are issued any other points within 18 months of a cell phone violation, there is a good chance you will be subjected to the Driver Responsibility Assessment, which is a $300 fine over the course of three years. Depending on whether or not it was your first, second, third or subsequent offense, you may face additional fines. They are as follows:

    • First offense: $50-$200
    • Second offense within 18 months: $50-$250
    • Third and subsequent offense within 18 months: $50-$450

    If you already have points on your license, a cell phone violation may push you over your point limit. If you receive 11 points on your driving record, there is a good chance you will have your license suspended. If you are a class DJ, MJ, or are a probationary driver, your driving privileges will be suspended for 120 days. If you receive another ticket within 6 months, you may have your license revoked for at least 1 year after the initial suspension is over. If you were simply glancing at your GPS, you may feel the penalties mentioned above are unfair. This is why you need to hire an attorney who will fight on your behalf.

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    A cell phone violation is no laughing matter. If your driving priveledges are at stake, especially if this is your second, third or subsequent offense, then you have no time to waste. In order to minimize the repercussions you may face, it is of the utmost importance to contact a knowledgeable attorney today. 

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