What are the consequences of committing a violent crime?



    Anyone who commits a violent crime in New York State is going to face serious consequences and may even spend the rest of their life behind bars. Violent crimes in New York are broken into classes, depending on the severity of the crime. All violent crimes in New York State are felonies.

    Class A Felonies consist of the most serious crimes a person can commit, such as murder, terrorism, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree arson, predatory sexual assault, and predatory sexual assault against a child. This classification of crimes can result in life in prison. Class B Felonies, with the potential for 25 years in prison, can consist of aggravated assault, rape, first-degree robbery, second degree kidnapping, or first-degree burglary. Class C Felonies, with a maximum sentence of 15 years, can include weapons charges, second-degree manslaughter, burglary, robbery, and more. Class D Felonies, with up to 7 years in prison, consist of second-degree assault or rape charges and the reckless assault of a child. Finally, Class E Felonies including persistent sexual abuse and fourth-degree aggravated sexual abuse. Class E violent felonies will only result in a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison.

    Crimes of this nature are subject to determinate sentencing. This means that if you are convicted of one of these violent felonies, you are not eligible for any sort of parole or early release. If you are charged with a violent felony, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can try to fight the charges.

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