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    What are New York’s Marijuana Laws?

    While many states have legalized the recreational use of marijauana, the drug is still illegal in that state of New York. While the state moved to decriminalize low-level possession of the drug, individuals who face marijuana-related charges can still face serious consequences as a result. Continue reading to learn more…Read More

    Marijuana Laws in New York

    Though New York has recently updated its marijuana laws, there are still penalties you may face for the possession, sale, trafficking, and cultivation of the drug. If you were recently charged with a marijuana-related offense, here are some of the questions you may have: What are the consequences for the…Read More

    Drug Laws in New York

    The state of New York has strict laws against those who are caught in possession of drugs and even stricter laws for those who are caught selling drugs. If you have been arrested in a drug involved crime, it is best to reach out for legal help. You will need…Read More

    Long Island Drug DWIs

    New York State takes impaired driving very seriously, regardless of whether that impairment is the result of alcohol or drugs. An individual who drives under the influence of drugs will receive similar penalties to those who drive under the influence of alcohol. New York State has a special category of…Read More

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