Can Individuals With a Criminal Record Receive Coronavirus Relief Through the Paycheck Protection Program?



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    The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of millions across the United States in a variety of ways. This can include not only health, but financially as well. The closure of non-essential businesses has caused significant economic strain, resulting in the government passing the CARES Act in an effort to provide some relief. Part of this Act includes the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which gives businesses the money they need to continue maintaining their livelihood during this time. In order to receive these loans, applicants are required to meet certain criteria. Continue reading below to learn more.

    Can Those With a Criminal Record Receive PPP Loans?

    While PPP has provided relief for some businesses who were able to secure their loans, there are other businesses owners who do not qualify for it. There are many cases in which this can include individuals who have a criminal record. Those who have committed and been convicted of criminal activity in the past may have a difficult time getting and keeping a job, sometimes leading them to start their own business. An unfortunate fact of obtaining PPP loans is that there certain qualifications, one of which requires applicants to have a clean record. The application for PPP loans asks if the individual had a guilty plea, felony conviction, pretrial diversion program, or have been placed on parole or probation in the last five years. If they answer yes to any of these questions, there is a chance they can be denied from the program.

    Many individuals facing these situations have either been denied from receiving PPP loans or have simply just not heard back from the program. It is because of this that it is crucial to have the assistance of a New York criminal defense attorney for assistance fighting to protect your rights.

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